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Ishaya Ascencion

This course is taught in a three day (weekend) format. The purpose being to bring oneself to a state of Illumination. This is the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness, your innermost Self.
For details contact us at info@epbrightpath.com

1st Sphere Course

Books, retreats and workshops.
For details contact us at info@epbrightpath.com


Has your allopathic medicine doctor said that he no longer can treat you? Holistic Health Care in El Paso, Texas can help you! Texas has many modalities of Alternative Medicine which can help you in your search for improve health. Our goal is to assist the whole body to regain its strength in combating illnesses. We strive to treat the body as a whole regardless of the symptoms including besides the physical aspects, spiritually and mentally


To educate the public on the highest state of human consciousness through the practice of the art of Ascension Meditation which focuses on techniques sought by the Ishayas that are based on praise, gratitude, and love. To enhance the dignity and quality of life of all individuals who seek to improve their quality of life, serving as a conduit for awareness within communities that include but not limited to donors, volunteers, agencies, and people in need.

At Holistic Health Care we go to the source of the symptom. We offer: Medical Biomagnetic Pair treatment, Massage Therapy, Ion Detoxification treatment, Localized Ultrasound Therapy, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machines, Thermal Massage Beds, Reiki, Meditation, Hot Wax Therapy and others.

At Holistic Health Care we offer Continuing Education classes for massage therapists, we also offer free introductory talks of the Ascension of the Ishayas Meditation as well as Spiritual Counseling by Sathya Sanda Ishaya, Instructor of Meditation and Ishaya Monk.


We offer a series of technique that are created by the need and knowledge of each person. That is why this way of teaching them to meditate is successful. Our teaching is known as Ishaya Ascension and those who offer it are Ishaya Monks. We have dedicated our lives to help our fellow human being who are ready to move forward in life. This course is offered mostly on weekends.


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