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I am Sathya Sanda Ishaya. I am White Ishaya Monk. I entered this path several years ago as a student of Ishaya Meditation when in a state of despair yet hopeful, unhappy yet somehow contented, full of contradictions. My attitude and thought then was of “why should I waste my time and money on this”? I asked the friend that told me of the course, before it started, to make sure that I did not back out of it. – “Do not give me my money back”- I knew that I needed something out of this but was not sure of what or if I would follow through. Yet here I am with my Sanskrit name, in a new path that I want to share with you. What is it that you desire most? What do you really, deep in your heart is you greatest desire? If you want answers here is what we do. With Infinite Love…


Soy Sathya Sanda Ishaya. Soy monja Ishaya blanca. Entré a este camino hace varios años como una estudiante de meditación Ishaya, cuando estaba en un estado de desesperación pero esperanzador, infeliz pero de alguna manera contenta, llena de contradicciones. Mi actitud y pensamiento entonces era de “¿por qué debo yo perder mi tiempo y dinero en esto?”  Le pedí a mi amiga antes de iniciar el curso, que se asegurase de que no me hiciera atrás – “no me devuelvas el dinero por ninguna razón” – yo sabía que necesitaba algo de esto pero no estaba segura de que lo completara. Pero aquí estoy con mi nombre en sánscrito, en un nuevo camino que quiero compartir con ustedes. ¿Qué es lo que más deseas? ¿Qué, realmente, en lo profundo de tu corazón es tu mas grande deseo? Si tu quieres respuestas, esto es lo que hacemos.

Con Amor Infinito. . .

At Holistic Health Care we go to the source of the symptom. We offer: Medical Biomagnetic Pair treatment, Massage Therapy, Ion Detoxification treatment, Localized Ultrasound Therapy, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machines, Thermal Massage Beds, Reiki, Meditation, Hot Wax Therapy and others.

At Holistic Health Care we offer Continuing Education classes for massage therapists, we also offer free introductory talks of the Ascension of the Ishayas Meditation as well as Spiritual Counseling by Sathya Sanda Ishaya, Instructor of Meditation and Ishaya Monk.


We offer a series of technique that are created by the need and knowledge of each person. That is why this way of teaching them to meditate is successful. Our teaching is known as Ishaya Ascension and those who offer it are Ishaya Monks. We have dedicated our lives to help our fellow human being who are ready to move forward in life. This course is offered mostly on weekends.
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